On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me…….. a link to this insightful piece from tastetales!!  It’s Christmas and once again, we’re taking the food hunt stress off you, and providing you with a carefully curated list we’ve made from our experiences with some of the best eateries in town! So sit back, pour your glass of wine and use this as a guideline to awesome food experiences this festive season.


Patagonia is a 6 month old seafood grill and steak house located inside Villagio. This  Argentinian-American infused fine dining restaurant provides top notch meat and seafood, a major reason they made it on this list is the way they treat their meat and seafood, there’s a whole delicate procedure which brings about delicious and tender meat and amazing seafood.  The ambience is particularly calm and there is low Latina music in the background as you dine. You will enjoy Patagonia if you prefer a calm and romantic atmosphere. For the Christmas feel we had a taste of the empanadas and a pancetta salad  for starters, stuffed turkey roll with mashed potatoes infused with herbs for main and a slice of pumpkin cake for dessert. The whole meal was accompanied by a Patagonia special cocktail. (see photos below)

capitol (5)

Patagonia Dinning Area


Patagonia Special Cocktail

capitol (8)

Pancetta salad (kale, apple, cheese, berries and pork)

patagonia (1)

Turkey stuffed roll + Herb filled Mashed potatoes


Pumpkin Cake





Badu lounge is a new restaurant with an afro-neo soul theme, we spoke to Duke who is the manager of this interesting place and he let us know neo-soul artists like Erykah Badu (who the lounge was named after), Lauryn Hill, Lenny Kravitz… inspire the lounge. You will love it if you are into this kind of vibe, you will also love it because of their new  menu which has a variety of different dishes with elements from different countries like America, Mexico, Ivory Coast and Ghana. We sampled this menu over the week, and got  some favorites! The black star wings, garlic pepper prawns, southern fried chicken and  slow roasted beef. We had these meals with glasses of red and white wine. We particularly enjoyed the southern fried chicken with mac n cheese, which is a  popular dish in the South of America, that was a first time experience and was very good! Caution: most of the delicacies are spicy you’ll love it if you’re into spicy food however if you’re not don’t worry dishes like Suya nachos got you! Badu has a VIP area and a live band section which hosts different events from time to time, there’s  a bar area if you just want to chill by the bar with some drinks.


Badu Lounge Menu

badu (5)

badu (2)badu (4)badu (1)

Badu lounge

badu (11)

Black Star Wings

badu (9)

Mac n Cheese and Southern fried chicken(came with collard greens and corn bread)

badu (8)

Slow roasted beef and mashed potatoes




Capitol is a new cafe and restaurant located inside Cantoments, it provides a quiet, cozy and casual atmosphere. One of the reasons Capitol is on this list is because of their service. Food and ambience was good but service was most memorable. A waitress attended to us and was very pleasant and helpful, she advised us on what to get, it’s always great to know restaurants make their staff aware of what they are serving. We tried the Fettuccine Alfredo and fell in love! Just the right amount of cheese and chicken present, upon arrival you will feel it looks small but just dig in and you will realize how filling it is! Capitol is great for lunch/ dinner with friends, generally casual outings, there is a cafe right by the restaurant to satisfy your cake cravings after all it’s Christmas!

capitooool (2).JPG


capitol (2)capitol (7)capitol (3)

Capitol cafe and restaurant


capitol (1)

Peach tea

capitooool (1)

Pina Colada

capitol (9)

Fettuccine Alfredo



This new lounge is located inside Best western premier hotel in Airport City. At barely two months old Vine is steadily gaining ground because it’s bursting with new energy,  the atmosphere is a smart and casual one with class. Vine is here not only because it’s a beautiful place with loads of good energy but also because of it’s appreciation for brunch. Vine has two days set aside for brunch, Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-8PM (who doesn’t love brunch? breakfast+lunch?) shoutouts whoever thought of this… anyway we had the Vine club sandwich and Chicken wrap for dinner along side some juice and a lovely Sangria…we are going to let the pictures speak for itself! Vine provides warm  bread and muffins with butter as you wait for your meal to be ready, how cool is that?! Vine serves other dishes besides dishes for brunch. This place is very ideal this season since this festive season should be full of good energy and laughs, vine definately creates an atmosphere for that.


vine (1)vine (2)vine

xo (5)

Vine lounge

xo (3)


zen (1)

Bread and muffin basket



Shrimp Popcorn with honey dip

xo (7)

Vine Club

xo (8)

Chicken wrap



Zen Garden located in Labone is a restaurant that was initially formed for a few friends and has expanded into a sports bar and outdoor restaurant. What caught our eye is a new entry on their menu, “surf and turf”,  which is going to be available this whole festive season. The surf and turf is made of fresh succulent lobster and  juicy roast beef with vegetables…just writing about makes us want more and we are gonna torture you more with pictures! Visit Zen garden if you want to check it out and hang with friends in a serene outdoor environment, not a fan of outdoor spaces? Zen has a cozy indoor space for you and intimate conversations.


zen (3)zen (5)zen (7)

Zen garden bar + indoor & outdoor space

zen (10)

Zen Mojito

zen (12)zen (18)

Surf & Turf




Xo Ghana is a pan-asian themed restaurant located inside airport with an intimate atmosphere and beautiful lights also has many sockets nearby, we know you need to keep your battery full this season. We’ve reviewed XO before and they made it on this list because of their good meals and service, however a few new additions have been made to their menu and that molten cake caught our eye! We went by last weekend and had the Schezwan chicken  with a side of rice and the lychee lemonade( which is very refreshing) and then our highlight was the desert which is a molten cake, cut through to see this cake beautifully ooze with chocolate lava



zen (19)

Lychee Lemonade, Fried Calamari, Schezwan chicken + rice.





Molten cake with chocolate vanilla ice cream topped with blueberries


That’s it guys! Your fav not on the list? do share by leaving a comment or tweeting at us. We hope this list makes your Christmas a tad more amazing.


*Special thanks to Esi, Nadien and Chef Beatchill of Patagonia, Duke of Badu lounge, Wael of Zen garden, Fred of vine lounge and Miriam and Chef Aldo of XO Ghana*

Thank you Jonathan Peprah for the pretty cover photo and everyone who contributed to this post in their own way.

Happy holidays!





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  1. fred pappoe says:

    beautiful pictures you have of vinelounge..always a lovely place to visit…yummmy

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