Hotels with their buffet prices in Accra.

Interested in going to your favourite hotel for a buffet but don’t know how much to budget? Guess what? By popular demand, we’re bringing you a curated list of hotels with their buffet prices.

Labadi Beach Hotel

Breakfast – GH₵ 145

Lunch – GH₵ 155

Dinner – GH₵ 165


Fiesta Royale Hotel

Breakfast  – GH₵80 for adults and GH₵40 for children

Lunch  – GH₵110 on Sunday’s and GH₵90 from Monday to Saturday

Dinner  – GH₵90 but GH₵100 on Wednesday’s and Friday’s


Airport View Hotel

Breakfast – GH₵35

Lunch  – GH₵50

Dinner  – GH₵50


Holiday Inn Accra Airport Hotel

Breakfast – GH₵85

Lunch  – GH₵120 on Sunday’s and GH₵90 any other day

Dinner  – GH₵100

Golden Tulip Hotel
Breakfast – GH₵100
Lunch  – GH₵145
Dinner  – GH₵120
Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel
Breakfast – GH₵115
Brunch  – GH₵165
Lunch  – GH₵125
Dinner  – GH₵150
Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra
Breakfast  – GH₵160
Brunch – GH₵220
Lunch  – GH₵170
Dinner  – GH₵170
ibis Styles Accra Airport City Hotel
Breakfast  – GH₵80
Brunch – GH₵80
Lunch – GH₵80
Dinner – GH₵80
Best Western Premier Accra Airport Hotel
Breakfast  – GH₵70
Lunch – GH₵120
Dinner – GH₵120

La Palm Royal Beach Hotel

Breakfast  – GH₵90

Lunch & Dinner (Weekdays)- GH₵115

Lunch & Dinner (Weekends)  – GH₵130

Fiesta Residences

Breakfast – $25

Lunch & Dinner – à la carte

Tang Palace Hotel

Breakfast – GH₵95

Lunch & Dinner (Weekends)- GH₵150

Lunch (Weekdays)  – GH₵120

Dinner(Weekdays)  – GH₵135

The African Regent Hotel

Breakfast – GH₵90

Lunch – GH₵105

Dinner  – GH₵110



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