Desserts you should try; Churros!

We were scrolling through our Instagram and something caught our eye, churros! (A fried dough pastry) Yours Truly Ghana

It is undoubtedly difficult to find churros in Ghana and for us it was our chance to try it for the first time. We continued to scroll through their page and realized Yours Truly Ghana was indeed a dessert haven full of desserts some which are hard to get access to such as baklava cheesecake which we did not know was being done in Ghana, and of course trying not to get distracted we made inquires about the churros and realized it was just 35 cedis for 42 pieces with a chocolate dip so we ordered right away. Affordable right?

The churros were done and delivered fresh less than an hour after ordering. It was a new taste for us but a good one especially for those of us who have a sweet tooth, it tasted more like a combination of doughnuts and pancakes and when dipped in the chocolate, it gave our taste buds rainbow feels.

We discovered that YoursTrulyGhana is owned and managed by Minaya who is from India but stayed in the Caribbean on a partly Dutch and partly french Island and later moved to London where she met and married a Ghanaian and eventually moved to Ghana to start Yourstrulyghana, she seeks to make flavours influenced by the various cultures she’s encountered.

She makes all sorts of desserts and based on orders you can customize a reasonable price range package, our next sampling will definitely have to be that baklava cheesecake 😋

Visit their instagram at Yours Truly Ghana for more details.

IMG_1698 2


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