With just two weeks away and you still aren’t sure of what you’re going to experience at the night market, WE GOT YOU. Here is a short guide to help take you through what to expect at the much awaited night of food, music and vibes; The Taste Tales Night Market. With an awesome line up of food vendors, music curators, DJs and a vibely atmosphere specially blended to make your experience a memorable one.

Harmattan Rain


A vibrant 3 year old brand made up of brill music lovers involved in music curation and discovery. The taste tales night market features Rain Hour which is one whole hour exclusively for new sounds from across Africa! Rain hour is a mix of sounds from all over the African continent specially curated by Harmattan rain. Look out for the Harmattan Rain team and you might be blessed with some “Rain” goodies.



The night market features DJ K3V AKA The FOKN DJwho represents purely good music. Music that is mixed in a way to capture the imaginations of listeners and get them moving wherever they are. K3V has been dj’ing for close to 5 years in Ghana and is managed by Foreign Xchange Productions (FXP). What is DJ K3V bringing to The Night Market?  A fushion of Afro house and Gqom. As well as some dope afropop and hi-life and hip-life throwbacks and many other genres delivered through creative mixing.



The Night Market features Just Grills which is a grill start up. At barely 3 months old, Just Grills has been grilling good food and creating a buzz online with their pork chops and chicken wings with yam chips or fries and beef bacon burgers or chicken bacon with fries. Just grills is managed by Larry Moore and Efua Payida who will both be present at the night market look out for their stand.


  • Pork chops with yam or fries
  • Chicken wings with yam chips
  • Beef bacon burgers with fries
  • Chicken bacon with fries

Eli’s Mixology

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Eli’s Mixology is a 2 year old mobile bar service centered on catering to all kinds of events which provides cocktails and an open bar service managed by Eli Ato Addison-Mends. Look out for great refreshing drinks at Eli’s mixology stand.


  • Classic Mojito
  • Roy Rodgers

Crumb n Crunch

Crumb n Crunch is a Ghana go-to cookie brand which specializes in American-style cookies, french macarons, bars (brownies/blondies etc) and loaf cake to satisfy Accra’s cake lovers cravings. Crumb n Crunch officially started in January of 2016 and is managed by Katie Tetteh, American born and married into a Ghanaian family! What to look out for at the Crumb n Crunch stand? A wide selection of cookies and assorted treats that represent the  brand  and you also get to taste samples.



  • Chocolate Chip
  • Red velvet


  • Coconut
  • Salted Caramel


  • Salty fudgy brownies
  • Lemon bars
  • Corn bread

Loaf Cakes:

  • Chocolate Zucchini
  • Carrot



Älska is a flavoured Swedish cider which comes in 500ml bottles and 330ml cans with an alcohol volume of 4%. Älska has been operating since December 2016 and is managed by Trance Logistics Limited. What to look out for at the Älska stand? Sampling of all flavours!


  • Älska strawberry & lime (500ml bottle) Älska lemon & ginger (500ml bottle)
  • Älska Nordic berries (500ml bottle)
  • Älska Nordic berries (330ml can)



Fairy Bomb offers fun smoothies and milkshakes, by fun we mean alcohol infused milkshakes and Smoothies! Yes, you heard it right, it’s definitely something to look out for. Fairy bomb’s first sale will be at the night market, this new brand is managed and owned by Nylla.

What we should look out for at The Night Market? Their uniquely decorated products, exciting names of smoothies like “Came through drippin‘ and beach please!” and of course the amazing taste!



Flutter batter is a 4 year old brand that specializes in pancakes and managed by Zalfa, a budding entrepreneur passionate about food, fashion and education.

Their aim is to provide a wide variety of wholesome homemade pancakes at very affordable prices and accessible for consumption at any time of the day.

Look out for the red velvet pancakes and the peanut with chocolate combo pancakes at the Night Market!



  • Plain (vanilla) – ¢5
  • Banana – ¢6
  • Red velvet – ¢6
  • Strawberry – ¢6
  • Cinnamon – ¢6
  • Chocolate + peanut – ¢7
  • Chocolate + coconut – ¢7

Toppings (¢1):

  • Maple syrup
  • Honey
  • Nutella
  • Condensed milk
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Strawberry syrup

Fresh Juice (¢5):

  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Coconut

Vodka Shots (¢5)

Vodka + fresh juice (¢10)



This brand is really about being innovative with traditional pastries and how they are sold. Bofrot Gh makes and sells delicious FILLED Bofrot. Their fillings range from sweet to savoury hence, they have something for everyone on any occasion! They make all their products from scratch so custom flavours and orders are their speciality.

Running since November 2017 and managed by Zuri, Kyra and Kofi, Bofrot Gh is 100% Ghanaian owned and managed.

What to look out for at the market? Bofrot Gh will be introducing their bag of Mini’Frots. Mini’frots will be fried right in front of your eyes and customers will be able to choose from various toppings! #hotminifrot


Chop Shop has been in business for close to three months and is geared towards  recreating dishes Ghanaians love and adding twists to recipes that taste good to it’s customers, just the way food should taste! Chop Shop is managed by Ama Abrokwa Appiah.

People should look out for their signature dishes such as:

  • South eastern calamari noodles
  • Spicy pork jollof
  • Veggie Rice and goat curry sauce
  • Fresh tilapia Okro soup


  • Coconut rice & chicken curry/Goat curry sauce
  • Vegetable Rice &pork sauce/chicken sauce/ snail sauce
  • Spicy pork jollof
  • Jambalaya mixed meat jollof
  • Mixed meat noodles
  • Vegetable rice and charcoal grilled turkey
  • Banku & fresh tilapia okro soup
  • Yam chips & onion marinated wings
  • Yam chips & Grilled Pork chops



Butterfly Bar at six months old offers innovative takes on classic traditional drinks that materialize from fresh ingredients, housemade syrups and bitters, cooling on ice that always beguilingly works.

They proudly serve Gin-Heavy cocktails made exclusively with fresh juices and ingredients.

Also, they are all about the personal touch of drinks. Instead of scanning through a cocktail menu, patrons are invited to chat with the bartender to come-up with the concoction most likely to satisfy their current yearnings. This new buzzing bar is managed by Rodney Quarcoo. Make sure you look out for Butterfly Bartenders dressed in black with a signature mask that has an LED Butterfly image on it.


Wafflemania, Accra’s diner specialized in Waffles and more! Wafflemania creates a wide selection from waffle on a stick to savoury and sweet waffles as well as all day English and American breakfasts. Wafflemania also has various ice-cream flavours and dessert options.


  • Waffle on stick
  • Vanilla Ice cream
  • Chocolate ice cream



Yes, you’re seeing right! From the organizers of the Accra premium market and Accra food festival, AccraPremium presents The AccraPremium Wine Bar at the Taste Tales night market! A stand full of wine and all its goodness, we simply cannot wait! Look out for the sounds of glasses clinking! 🥂 Cheers and see you!



8 Volta Worskpaces being the venue of The Taste Tales Night Market serves as a workspace during the day, providing individuals who want their peace of mind to do their work. The foyer of 8 Volta provides a chill ambience with beautiful lighting, trees and pallet seating. It is owned by Ato Bentsi-Enchill, a young and vibrant entrepreneur. Look out for him at the Night Market!

Our line up seeks to be fun and engaging, meet the people behind these brands we see pop up from time to time on our timelines and try what they offer. Also, we bring you our special package, the feedback box, where you can leave feedback of what you think of their products inside these boxes. Awesome right? Well don’t think twice, prepare your stomach and get ready for a great night. See you on the 2nd of June!

Rate: 10GHC


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