Citrus lounge provides a nice cozy dining experience with dim lights and a spacious area, the restaurant/lounge is appropriate for dinner dates and even lunch dates especially when you want some alone time.
We had a variety of meals from the lounge 👇🏿 Starters ;

Potato salad with chicken bits which costs 35 cedis and Garlic prawns which costs 50 cedis

Main meals ;
Jollof Rice with spicy beef sauce for 45 cedis. Seafood Paella 🥘 for 75 cedis

Drinks ; “Restricted 18” for 28 cedis and “Sangria de casa” for 25 cedis

Overall our experience was good, the waiter who attended to us was very helpful, atmosphere was very relaxing and encouraged conversation. The food we enjoyed the most were the potato salad, garlic prawns and the jollof with spicy beef sauce.

The paella was our least favorite, had a new taste we were not too familiar with however if you’re adventurous you can go for that. The drinks were our favorite part and we would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a nice space with good drinks in and around East Legon.


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  1. Eddy Happyguy says:

    I have been there once on a dinner date and I really loved the customer service. Food was great, drinks were on point. Overall, a lovely place to have dinner in the heart of East Legon. Will definitely go there again.

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