KUMASI-FUFUIf you find yourself in Kumasi, there’s no way you should leave without checking out a fufu joint or a chop bar. Don’t know where to go? We are here to help!

We bring to you five picks of fufu places you should visit. (Did we miss your fave joint?  Leave a comment).

1. Rakho

Location: Opposite Rahko school complex, Kotei

Click for directions to Rakho

Comments: The ambience has a typical chop bar feel, great customer service and the food is very affordable (Amazing how you can fill your stomach with just GHS20).

Price: GHS16 (Fufu with two pieces of chicken and three pieces of pork)

2. Yaa Serwaa Chop Bar

Location: Anum

Click for directions to Yaa Serwaa Chop Bar

Comments: Fufu tasted good. You should have a good budget to visit this joint.

Price: GHS24 (Fufu with two pieces of goat and salmon)

3. Accuzi

Location: Ayeduase, around the KNUST gate

Click for directions to Accuzi

Comments: Big portion of fufu but if you are a fan of a lot of meat, this might not be your pick.

Price: GHS16 (Fufu with light soup mixed with palm nut soup and goat meat)

4. Asafo British Pub (Popularly known as Aduani pa in Accra)

Location: Asafo, next to the Asafo palace.

Click for directions to Asafo

Comments: Fufu was extremely good and great customer service as well.

Price: GHS24 (Fufu with pork, beef and fresh salmon)

5. Efie Fufuo

Location: Patasi Estate

Click for directions to Efie Fufuo

Comments: Soup tasted really good especially if you’re not a fan of a lot of pepper.

Price: GHS13 (Fufu with pork and goat meat)

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